The three principles of weight loss

1. Eat only when hungry

2. Eat only what you need

3. Exercise

Sounds very simple! So why do so many struggle with weight loss?

The answer to this is because people generally aren't addressing the real issues. People go on diets that involve not eating certain food groups or substituting meals for 'healthy shakes' and an array of other techniques. They lose weight, stop the diet and put it all back on.

The reason for this is because once they stop the diet they go back to their normal lifestyle which includes their normal diet, which was probably unhealthy in the first place and caused the weight gain. Therefore, the key to success is in changing attitudes towards food and changing the way they eat and why they eat. Unless you stay on the diet forever the weight will eventually come back.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can help to change attitudes towards food and to motivate people to lead a healthier life which is maintainable. We have a lot of deep associations with food which are ingrained at an unconscious level. For example, if a baby cries the mother may pick up the baby and feed him or her. Therefore, that baby learns to associate feeding with safety, security, comfort and nurture. If a child is particularly well-behaved the child may be rewarded with sweets or if the child misbehaves he or she may be sent to their room with no dinner as punishment. So, as a child we can learn to use food as a reward (have you ever gone out for a meal to celebrate something?) or as a punishment.

What we learn as children conditions the people we become. Therefore, it is understandable that some people overeat to treat themselves or comfort themselves. This all happens at an unconscious level. Hypnotherapy can work at an unconscious level and help to change these thoughts to healthier ones. Weight loss can normally be dealt with in around three sessions.

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