What is Stress?

Stress is how the body reacts to a stressor. A stressor can be something external such as a heavy workload, tight deadlines or confrontations with others to name but a few. Whilst the stress response is a normal and natural state we often find that stress can become prolonged and chronic in today's fast-paced society. When this happens it can be damaging to both our physical and emotional health.

An Example

Can you think of an instance when you feel like you have too much on, been overworked or felt unable to meet unrealistic pressures put upon you?

You may have felt overwhelmed or irritable. You may have felt everything goes wrong for you or you may have struggled to sleep as your head has felt too busy trying to process everything. Perhaps you have also experienced physical symptoms such as fatigue, sweating, headaches or increased heart rate.

Whatever you have experienced, if you experience it too regularly it's fair to assume you're too stressed. If this goes on it can effect your health.

What you can do?

Hypnosis for Solutions offers stress reduction/ management sessions.

In these sessions I offer hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction, Offer practical support on how to manage your stress and teach self hypnosis for you to use to reduce stress in your own time. I will teach you relaxation, stress reduction and how best to optimize your time so as to avoid stress.